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    Can't "Import Video" or "Insert Flash" in Presenter 7

    AdVirgin Level 1
      Hi All:

      I'm using the 30 day trial version of Presenter 7 with PowerPoint 2007. I am unable to import any video at all using the "Import Video" function.

      When I try to import .FLV files I get an error message "Adobe Presenter has detected a problem with this .FLV file. It may not play or stream properly. Are you sure you want to insert this file?" I say YES - but it does not insert.

      When I try to import an MPEG file, Presenter 7 goes through the motions of converting it, but at the end of the conversion process - nothing. There is no video or anything on the blank slide.

      I am also unable to "Insert Flash" SWF files.

      I've spent half an hour on the phone with Presenter Tech Support, and my FLV and MPEG files work for them on their computers.

      What do you think?

      Thanks, Steve