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    Unable to play desired media after geting updates

    Fefe1 Level 1
      Up until a few days ago I was happily able to watch video clips on the BBC website. Since, I am advised I no longer have the required version of flash media player. I follow the link to install the required version (have done this mutlitple times now) and Version 10,0,22,87 has been installed successfully. After reboots and many attempts to watch the video on BBC I still get advised I no longer have the required version. So I have gone straight to Adobe updates directly and installed v11. This still didn't work. So I have re-installed Version 10,0,22,87 as directed via the links given in the BBC site again and still cannot watch the media. Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong? I follow the links, install the updpates, restart (even though this is not prompted) but still cannto play news items. I run windows XP with internet Explorer 7.0 so am installing for correct operating system.