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    Only show certain layers of the master per page




      First of all, I'm pretty new to Adobe Indesign.

      I'm trying to make a kind of instruction manual, where all the pages are horizontally divided in three rows.

      every row can contain a certain part of the manual, it can be:

      • A step that people should perform
      • A warning
      • A graph
      • A table

      So i've made a master page, with in each of the three rows all four option in separate layers.


      I thought i would be possible to turn on and off the layers individually for every new page, but it isn't.

      every page will become the same.


      So is it possible, to individually change the visible layers for every new page I want to make?

      Or do I have to make master pages for every layout possibility that is possible?


      See the image bellow for the layers I've made and for two examples for the manual.

      Adobe Indesign CC 2015

      Windows 10 Pro