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    Exported PDF prints with a faint greyish background

    markh83032812 Level 1

      Having problems with final exported PDF file from InDesign CS5/6 which I am using in conjunction with Excel for invoicing clients.


      I have placed a “Letterhead.PDF" as a Master Template into Invoice.indd file and then placed an Excel invoice PDF  over it on page 1, but the exported PDF file prints with a faint greyish background color instead of clear white paper. Looks ok on screen but not when printed. I think the problem might be InDesign is not flattening the two placed PDF files but not sure.


      I have found a temporary workaround which was to export an EPS file from InDesign and then use Distiller to create the final PDF. This does print correctly.

      Would prefer to not have to add this extra step though.


      Appreciate any thoughts/solutions....