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    Preparing Apple Preview-proof PDF form

    badassdesigner Level 1

      I'm making a fillable PDF form in Indesign. The form has lines so it can be printed and the written on. But it also has (invisible) interactive boxes the user can click and enter text on screen. (The user thinks she's clicking on the line, but she's activating the box which then allows them to type.)


      My problem is Apple Preview. It seems to detect the lines and offers the user ITS OWN text entry facility, so if the user misses my carefully set-up box they activate a huge red, 30pt Helvetical tex field. The pic below shows something typed into the correctly set-up text field and Apple's own next to it.


      Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 14.51.36.png


      If I make the PDF without those horizontal lines, Preview doesn't do this.


      How can I export a PDF, with lines, that Preview wil not detect and allow the user to type onto? I have tried several different ways of making the lines - no doubt Apple thinks it's very clever that it can detect them all, but I'ts breaking my PDF forms!


      Am I doing something wrong?


      Many thanks,