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    Problem by importing RAF-Files in LR CC with simultaneous conversion into DNG

    kthehn Level 1

      In LR CC I fond this bug:

      Last sunday (26.06.2016) I imported some RAF-Files (RAW-Format of my Fujifilm X-E2) to LR with simultaneous conversation in DNG (I do this procedure since a long time). A short time after the imort LR showed in the right upper corner of the Preview an exclamation mark. A click thereon showed the message, that by reading of this Photo LR had a Problem. The second last Import of RAF with DNG-conversation (4 weeks before) works good. The conversation of CR2-Files in DNG makes no Problems al the time.

      The function "Test DNG-Files" shows "Invalid DNG-Files".

      In Photoshop CC I can´t open this DNG-files too.

      In same time (May/June 2016) I imported a lot of CR2-files (from my Canon EOS 60D) with DNG-Conversation and no problem occured.


      LR CC 2015.6 [1078672], CameraRAW 9.6; Firmware Fujifilm X-E2: 4.00; Graphic-Card GeForce GTS 250/PCIe/SSE2, Driver-Version 341.95; OS: Win7 Pro 64bit.


      How can I restore the pictures in the DNG-files? Export ist impossible!


      Please excuse my bad English, I am German, I use a German LR-Version and I re-translated the program-messages.