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    Adobe DC: Is it possible to see which DC user edited a PDF?




      My workplace recently purchased Adobe DC to compile and store paper documentation in an electronic format.  Some of our documentation requires peer review prior to acceptance into our storage system. 


      I cannot seem to find the audit or tracking function in DC that shows any edits/deletions/additions/ect. a user can make to a document that shows both the information edited and by which applicable user profile.  We require this function for outside auditors to track mistakes and know the user who committed them.


      Is this a possibility in Adobe DC?  I attempted to use the "embed audit trail" function in the preflight tool, but when changes are made it does not show or I cannot find the changes that are made and by what user.  Also it doesn't even allow the "Edit PDF" tool to function, so the point is moot using this function.


      Thank you for any assistance you can provide. 

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          The Embed Audit Trail is associated with validations performed by Acrobat Preflight. I has no connection whatsoever with the edit functions.


          Although PDF and Acrobat do allow for proofreading annotations, there is no built-in provision for tracking of changes.


          Understand that PDF really is a final form file format and not a file format that was designed or particular good for any considerable editing.


                    - Dov