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    Pixel Bender Observations

      First off I wanted to say this little app really saved the day! I was really needing to mathematically manipulate images and while I do that all the time with .fx shaders I was having a hard time finding a good solution for manipulating image files.

      I thought I'd post a couple observations I've noticed in my first days of using the app. Some of the stuff may have already been addressed.

      1. Image size: I noitced that when I would try to process a very large image (3000x3000+ pixels) in the Pixel Bender Toolkit app and save it out the program would only save out a cropped square image which was different depending on my zoom level. It'd be nice to be able to output the full image.

      2. Photoshop multiple image support. It would nice to be able to define an image source parameter in the filter so that we can access multiple images. Right now the best I can do is store a greyscale in the alpha channel.

      3. Float sliders in the toolkit are buggy. The sliding action works fine but if I click in the numerical entry box and hit backspace to delete the current number it will max out my slider. Also if I highlight the current number and start typing a numer it will add it in front of the old number instead of replacing it.

      But yeah...this tool is pretty awesome.