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    Help with Signature Properties


      Hello I am trying to make certain text fields and group fields as read only once an electronic signature has been placed into the document, I then need to repeat this exercise a couple of times throughout the form.  After an incredibly frustrating time with the help desk they suggest I ask for help.  The Signature properties box has a drop down menu from which it indicates you can select certain fields.  At the moment all I can do is select all or deselect.  Failing this can someone help with some javascript so I can lock these fields.


      Thank you

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Try using the spacebar to select/deselect individual fields and the tab and cursor keys to navigate in the list of fields.

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            michelleh23292020 Level 1

            Hi George – AWESOME thank you!!


            I don’t suppose you know if I can
            create a value in a form using radio buttons, to then provide a tally score do
            you.  I have been working on a
            performance review and there is input for the employee and the manager.  I want to tally the managers scores behind
            the scenes to create an overall performance level.  For example


            Did not Meet = -2

            Needs improvement = -1

            Meets = 1

            Exceeds = 2

            Outstanding = 3


            This is in 8 places within the


            The scores should then tally to make
            an overall level of performance, so if someone gets 12 points they would be
            Meets, but if they scored less than 5 it would be Needs Improvement for


            Anyway I honestly cannot thank you enough.