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    Lightroom 4 wants to show all new photos as grey boxes.


      Hi. I was uploading some new photos today onto Lightroom 4 and encountered a blue screen. The computer shut itself down and rebooted in safe mode. I turned off the computer and rebooted, and ran a virus scan and disc cleanup. When I booted up Lightroom, all the photos I had uploaded came up grey with three white dots above them saying "loading". When I pulled them up in develop module, the photos were there, but I could only view the ones I actually clicked on. I read somewhere to optimize the catalog but all that did was freeze up LR. All my older photos show up just fine. I deleted all the grey photos and tried downloading them again, but same thing happened. I also tried changing to a different sd card, with the same result.


      Not sure what else to do.


      Help! I need this fixed ASAP!



      For the record, I have a Nikon D5100 and a Dell laptop (3 years old) with Win 7 64 bit Premium and Intel corei3. I also use a silicon power external hard drive.