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    .FLA or .SWF to HTML5




      I learnt Adobe Edge Animate last year around November time.


      And until now I haven't needed to use it (it's now June 2016). However, I went to use it yesterday to make an animated HTML5 file (banner).

      I went to CC, to open it only to find that I can't open Edge.


      So, I decided to install Adobe Flash Professional (AKA Adobe Animate). I have created a banner, and when I went to export it I was only able to save it as an HTML5 canvas. This doesn't seem to work I can also save as a .swf or native .fla.


      So my questions are

      1. How can I save this in HTML5 so that I can email it to put on a web page as an animated banner?

      2. Can you tell me how to get Edge Animate working.


      At the moment I am very frustrated. I have no coding ability. And someone mention JS scripting, but I am not in a place to be able to do that myself.


      Please help