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    Custom file list with tags/captions


      Greetings.  I'm scanning old negs, entering the scan data into LR CC, and adding tags and captions.  I'm also assembling photo prints into albums.  I would like to create a list of the file numbers of the photos in each hard-copy album with their associated tags and/or captions from LR, and then add the printed list to the beginning of the album.  For example, if I'm making an album of selected images from 2003, and my filing system system is year-roll#-image#, I would like to print a list with entries such as


      2003-15-25 [the file number] Lake Tahoe, water ski, Diane, vacation [the tags] Jumping the wake [the caption]

      2003-15-26 [the file number] Lake Tahoe, water ski, Dad, vacation [the tags] Spectacular fall [the caption]


      This would allow me to add the printed list containing all the identifying data for each photo print to the beginning of each album without writing all the data on the back of each one.  All I would need to do is label the print with the file number and refer to the list; I, and others, would not need to open LR to retrieve the identifying data.


      Is this possible without copying and pasting all the data manually?  Thanks.