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    Face Tracker starts out fairly fast then stalls


      Face tracker starts out fairly fast about 10 fps or so. after about 15 seconds in to tracking it starts to slow down at about 25 sec it goes down to 1 frame to about every 10 seconds.. then drops to 1 frame per nearly 1 min.. I have the latest drivers for all my hardware. i just re-installed windows (fresh clean install) newest version of AE. 8 gigs ram AMD quad core. I check performance at the time only about 9% of cpu is being used.. Using a SSD main drive. anything i can do to fix this issue... all other trackers work great but I REALLY need this tracker to work.. one of the main reasons i am using AE. not sure how to track with Mocha and link points.... Any help would be greatly appreciated... !

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          It seems to work just fine. This isn't based on some simple pattern recognition. It's a constrained tracker that really looks for facial features. The longer the clip, the more complex the analysis and of course specifics of your shot will figure in. As for mocha... You might want to read up on what layers there are for...



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            toddf75168194 Level 1

            I shot it with green screen clip is 34 seconds.. face close to camera. see what happens.. Memory fills up. I did have 8 gigs just went bought another 8 for total of 16 still same thing.. the meter quickly fills.. So what started doing was when it hit 14 gigs I stopped it.. save it closed after effects and reopened it.. memory cleared down to 1.9 gigs and did it over and over.. I can get 2 seconds of footage tracked each time.. about 120 frames.. why does memory fill up like that,.

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              Snakedogman Level 2

              I wonder if it's related to the bug I've been experiencing for years in the regular AE tracker. For, this also starts tracking very quickly but progressively slows down.

              Mylenium: to me it doesn't make sense why a longer clip would make for a progressively slower analysis. Surely the analysis is done from frame to frame, so unless the image in the frame gets progressively more complex during the clip I see no reason why it would be "just fine" for the tracker to slow down. Certainly not on a scale as reported by the OP, going from 10 frames per second, to 1 frame per minute.

              And as I said, the exact same thing happens in the regular tracker, no matter what kind of footage or media format you use.


              The workaround there is to:

              start the tracking

              quickly click "off" the AE application (bring another window into focus)

              now the tracker will remain tracking at the same constant speed!

              As soon as you click to focus on AE again, the tracker starts slowing down.


              I've reported this to Adobe numerous times but never heard anything. It's pretty annoying as I need to use the tracker a lot and sometimes for very long clips.

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I find pausing and restarting the tracker makes it speed back up too. I wonder if it has to do with AE's use of RAM during tracking.

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                  toddf75168194 Level 1

                  Yes It seems to peg out all your ram fairly quick.. I had 8 gigs. it pegged out at about 7 seconds. i upped to 16 gigs and i get 12 to 14 seconds. I have to get it to stop.. i save what it did shut down AE and watch memory clear out.. then reload and start again. takes forever for a 35 second clip