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    Imported file does not appear in left section, only in "Recent importation"???



      Today, I imported a 700 pictures file from a dedicated space on my computer, as I always do!

      Usually, when I import a file, a new name appears in the LR left section.

      This time, no reference of this file in the left section. It is only when I press on "Recently imported picture" that I can see all my pictures.

      I can work and modify them or even export them as usually.


      Have I done something wrong? If so, I do not know why as I acted like I always do for many years without any problem.

      So, if someone has already encountered this problem, I would very much like to read the way to force LR to expose the file's name in the left section.


      Hoping my question is clear, I thank you in advance for all the help you can provide me with.