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    Using pre-populated DB in phonegap


      Hii Everyone,

      I have one specific doubt related to PhoneGap. I'm using SQLite plugin for storing and retrieving data.

      Currently what I have understand through its documentation on git hub or their site is after installing the application when you open the app for the first time then only databases and table is getting created and we can execute all our SQL statements trough transaction statements.

      However, I have a pre-populated DB which I have created through SQLite Browser. This will contain a list of records which I need to fetch in a drop down in my app. Now, where I can include this pre-populated DB in the app bundle. So that this DB is only getting used. Basically I don't need to create a DB and the insert data while running the application, I have to use my existing pre-populated DB with the data.

      My target devices are both iOS and Android.

      Please help me on this.

      Thanks in advance