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    NLE PC BUILD - 2016

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      I'm moving from an Apple System to Windows and need some help building my NLE PC.

      I've read a lot from Harm Millard's Guide, but sadly i'm having trouble finding the right solution for 2016.


      I primarly shoot DSLR HD Video, 3D Stuff on After and Coloring on Davinci.


      I've $1500 as a Budget for this build, without considering peripherals and monitors.

      Here is a list I came up with, but need to go to $1500.



      Please help me see how to go down to my budget without too much sacrifice on performance.


      Thanks in advance for the help.

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          one big variable to your build will be how much gpu power you need for davinci resolve, and if you have the studio version to use multiple gpu's. the gtx 970 would be a minimum for davinci resolve for 1080p. if you plan on using lots of nodes and gpu plugins or studio version features like noise reduction, the gtx 970 will be overwhelmed. the gtx 980 ti or gtx 1070 would be better if you think you need more power, and would be a good entry card for 4k in davinci resolve.


          if you are only doing 1080p video, you may want to go with a 4 core intel cpu, to save on cpu, motherboard, cpu cooler, and psu vs an x99 build. an i7-6700k + z170 motherboard + gtx 970 build, using modified parts from your part list will be right around $1500. the gtx 1060 is coming soon and may be a better build option or at least help push down gtx 970 prices further.


          if you want more flexibility with expansion and faster cpu's for 4k, then you will want to try and stick with the x99 build. the i7-6800k is out and replaces the 5820k. it may be between 5-10% faster, but if you can get a good deal on the 5820k it makes sense for a tight budget. an i7-6800k + gtx 980 ti or gtx 1070 build with parts to handle medium to high overclocking (not extreme overclocking) will be around $2,100.


          your build parts:

          the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO won't handle medium to high overclocks on the x99 cpu's, so its going to limit the x99 build performance. it would be fine with low to medium overclocking on the 4 core i7-6700k. the cooler master fan can be somewhat loud, if that's a concern then you might want to look for a different one. noctua, "be quiet", and phanteks make several air coolers and their fans are pretty quiet.


          you are also going to need a better power supply for overclocking and expansion on the x99 build, a 850-1000w psu, gold rated or better. evga has some really good power supplies, like the G2, P2, and T2 models. the new GQ models are ok/good, but the model you list is an older model that is just so so.


          for a tight budget the asus x99-A II motherboard would be cheaper. i haven't compared the two for features, so perhaps there is some feature on the sabertooth you want/need. if you are going with the 4 core i7-6700k, the z170 motherboards will be much cheaper, perhaps $100-$120 for a good one.


          that seagate 3tb hdd has pretty high failure rate. several 3tb drives from various manufactures do, but seagates are usually much higher. so switching to 2tb or 4tb, and/or another brand can help choose a more reliable drive. hgst makes some of the best drives and their 3tb models should be ok, but can cost more.


          you can also cut costs on the case, there are many mid size atx cases around $80-$100 that are very well built. phanteks, fractal design, and nzxt have some good cases in that price range, that are big mid size cases, so they still have lots of fan spots and hdd cages. the fractal design r4 and r5 are some of the best designed and most awarded cases. some full size case would be better for air flow with say two gtx 980 ti cards, but not all full size cases have more fan spots vs mid size cases.

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