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    Preview PDF from winthin web browser on ANDROID

    michellef51254709 Level 1

      Hi. I need some help.


      Need to preview PDFs from within a web browser, on my Android samsung galaxy tab s.


      I use a could-based account program, Xero.

      Bills & receipts are sent directly to my Xero account, mostly in pdf fomat.

      From within Xero (within a web browser) I'm susposed to be able to preview these pdfs while still working within Xero so that I can transcribe info drectly from the pdf into the account program. Downloading the PDFand opening in a speratate viewer program & toggeling back and forwards between 2 different screens is not an accpetable work around.


      It works fine on my desktop computer ... but apparently pdf preview does work on Android devices??

      (ugh ... what is the point to a cloud acounting program if you can only use it from your office desktop!!)


      I have tried Firefox, Chrome & Internet exploroer, all have the same problem.

      I have adobe installed on my android device.

      I have tried installing the old discontinuted firefox pdf plugin & also the cloud view plugin, still no help.


      I have tried contacting support of Xero & all 3 web browsers, still no help.


      Please help!

      Thank you for you time,