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    RH7 user thinking of upgrading to RH8

      Hi all,

      I am currently researching whether it is worth us upgrading to RH8 from version 7 and was wondering what the community experts thought of the new version?

      In particular, I am interested in finding out about the new Adobe AIR output format. From what I have read AIR seems to be like a cross between chm and webhelp formats which are the two layouts I use all of the time. Can AIR use MapIDs and context-sensitive help? Are there any extra install requirements for end users if I publish to AIR? What has your initial impression been of this format?

      Any other hints/tips I can tell my boss about when putting forward the case of whether or not we should upgrade would also be appreciated.

      Kind regards,
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          Praful_Jain Level 3
          hi darkagn,
          AIR help output supports MapIDs as well as Context sensitive help. It has support for commenting as well as Favorites where in user can add there own favorites links and can refer them later on.
          Soon AIR is going to be ubiquitous just like Flash player, but till the time, end user need to install AIR runtime for running AIR applications. Installing AIR runtime is a one time process, and it is free download, you can go to Adobe Site to download AIR.
          I would suggest you to try the RH8 trial version once to get the feel of AIR help output.
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            RoboWizard Level 4
            Hi darkagn

            Note that if you have version 7 it has been possible for several months now to create AIR help using WebHelp output from 7. Several months back Adobe introduced an AIR help packager for RoboHelp 7.

            Click here for more

            Cheers... Rick