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    Live HTTP connection to pdf doc, via Acrobat DC.

    kbar Level 1

      I have seen that PDF docs have a Net.HTTP javascript functionality. I was wondering if it would be possible to somehow open a connection from a PDF, being viewed in Adobe Acrobat DC, to another http server? If so what settings would I need to enable to allow the connection, i.e. what security settings would I need to switch off? I have not yet figured out how to actually use Net.HTTP and keep getting security warnings.


      My goal is to open up a connection to another application and pipe calls through to the PDF so that I can write a custom javascript editor from within my PDF publishing application (Cinema 4D via 4D Publish plugin). Users can then edit the javascript from within the application, have it sent back and run in the PDF, and send back the debug information from Adobe Acrobat DC back to my application.


      The main reason for all this is so that I can have a better programming experience. The editor in Acrobat is terrible but if I can communicate with Acrobat DC and use its dbg object then I think I can create a new external Javascript editor and enable better development for Interactive 3D PDF documents.