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    Flash Development for tabletPC

    brian914 Level 1
      I just got asked to build a pretty simple application for a tabletPC. I have never done this before, in fact don't even own a PC and do not know what it would take. The application itself is pretty simple. A video library, a number of images to scroll through and a text section. All the interaction would happen through touch screen buttons.

      My question is how complicated this is for someone who does not know PCs, and what is involved as far as making the touch screen buttons work with my Flash application. I think I will do this in AS2 since I have not done too much AS3, but if there is substantial benefit to using AS3, I could go that route.

      I also did a quick google search for resources on this topic and have not come across to much good information. Does anyone know of a good source of information on this?

      Would it be good to use Air for this? The application will be a sales tool for reps, that they can take to show clients the product. It will only have to work on one model of TabletPC and one screen size.

      Thanks a lot for any information on this topic!!!!