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    Flex and Math

    Francisc Level 3

      I was wondering how AS fairs when it comes to math equations... eigenvalues, integrals, derivatives and that sort of tings.

      Thank you!
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          This link is to an ActionScript library for those types of calculations:


          It states "Performance: Actionscript will never be a premiere high-performance computing environment. With that said, the library should support prototyping applications calculations of modest scope. Routines that don't meet this modest standard won't be included."
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            Francisc Level 3
            I see... so there is no other way?

            Can I bring send from Flex and bring in to Flex data from other software that can make complicated calculations?
            as3mathlib is for AS2, they write it's not been brought in AS3 and that it is not ready for general use... :-s
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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6
              I would think there should be no restrictions in sending data to the server, crunching the numbers, and then returning to Flex.
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                IanCWatkins Level 1
                I wouldn't worry to much about the warnings of not being ready for general use. I've been using it for a while and not come across any problems yet. And despite warnings, it is actually quite performant.

                For really heavy number crunching, still worth uploading your numbers to a server and putting them through a high performance maths library. I do this quite often for large numerical models, make changes to initial conditions in a nice interface on the client in Flex, upload to the server, and the model runs as Fortran, spits numbers out and then displays output on the client.


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                  Francisc Level 3
                  Very interesting, Ian! Thank you! :)

                  Is there a 'best way' to learn how to use as3mathlib?

                  Thanks again!