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    Graphics disappeared from library


      Hello, I was working on my project, after finishing a graphic on a seperate layer I hit F8 as usual and created a new graphic from what I just finished. I go through my folders and sub-folders to put the graphic into the appropriate category when I saw that ALL the graphics were gone from a folder "Parts", the sub-folder "hands" inside Parts was empty as well. The layer where I had all the graphics from those folders placed(for visual purposes to see what needs to be done) was gone as well!


      I have no idea what happened as I think I would have noticed deleting the layer and every one of the items inside those folders. I didn't leave my computer and I've been working on the project for 2 hours since I opened it. In my panic I tried ctrl-Z until it got back maybe but without luck today I learned there's a limit on the amount of ctrl+Z you can press.



      Whatever the reason for this incident is, is there some way for me to get back my work that I lost? If it wasn't for the autosave option maybe I could have reloaded the old version but oh well. The feature is very neat not trying to shame it or something, Does anyone know what might have caused this? Thank you!!


      (Note: I use Adobe Flash CS6)