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    AE keeps 'Not Responding' after update to 13.8

    MrTomUK Level 1



      Since updating to 13.8 After Effects works for a few minutes and then hangs, clicking anything and the screen goes grey and says "Not Responding", eventually it comes back for a few seconds and then hangs again. Only way out is to force close.


      I am working on a very basic 3D file that was fine to work with before the update. Starting a new comp also crashes in the same way, seems to be 3D related. I have tried changing all the settings in Ray-Traced etc. It also hangs after changing back to Classic 3D


      Running AE 13.8.0x144 on Windows 10, i7-4770, 16Gb, Windows and CC installed on SSD.

      Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970


      Logs are on but too large to paste here, the last few lines (if that helps!?)

      Ticks = 1012625      <6644> <ALOG> <5> DynamicLinkPlugin ResumeApp

      Ticks = 1012735      <6644> <ALOG> <5> EGG ParseClipboard Begin - ParseClipboard.

      Ticks = 1012735      <6644> <ALOG> <5> EGG ParseClipboard End - ParseClipboard.

      Ticks = 1042375      <6644> <ALOG> <5> DynamicLinkPlugin SuspendApp


      Any help appreciated.