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    tagged text not showing up in the tags panel

    Minka316 Level 1

      I have a multi-page document, created in MSWord 2013, exported to PDF.


      There is a paragraph located at the top of page 2, which appears tagged when I have the TURO tool open. It also appears in the Order and Content panels; however, it does not appear in the Tags panel.


      How do I get it to appear in the Tags panel?


      I have recreated the tag (using Create Tag from Selection), but then it appears twice in the Order panel. When I run the JAWS reader against the file, it does not read the paragraph.


      I've had this issue with other documents before and cannot figure out why this is happening. I noticed that this seems to only happen with there is an image (in this case, a screen capture) located at the bottom of the previous page (in this example bottom of page 1) followed by a page break.




      MarionTAG ISSUE.jpg