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    How to use Smart Guides as you would in Photoshop? (cmnd/ctrl)

    DetectametInc Level 1

      When working in Photoshop, I regularly use the smart guides when working on spacing by selecting the object and pressing Command (or control) and moving my cursor over other objects or the background and it displays the spacing in px or whatever the measurements are set at.

      Like this...

      Screenshot 2016-06-30 13.16.03.jpgScreenshot 2016-06-30 13.16.57.jpg


      I am looking to do the same thing in InDesign, how can I do this? I have Smart Guides on, and following out the same steps as in Photoshop, and I didn't have any success :/


      Anyone know how to do this? Or if it's even a thing?


      Thank you so much!!