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    activate help in LR6 / transfer from RAW to JPG


      Hi Folks. I need your support regarding how to activate the help in LR6. After using F1 oder by clicking unter Help I receive the message 'Help couldn't be shown!' Second question is how to transfer a picture with RAW format to JPG without losing the original RAW file. THX a lot!

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi dieters  ,


          You can export all raw images as Jpeg's in Lightroom.

          • Select all the files by choosing Edit | Select All (CTRL+A on Windows).
          • Export as JPG by choosing File | Export (CTRL+SHIFT+E on Windows).
          • In the Export dialog, choose your output folder, whether you want the JPG files added back to your catalog, and the output settings.

          Pressing the F1 key should take you to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Help | Lightroom Help

          Please make sure Lightroom is up to date.




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            Abambo Adobe Community Professional

            You never loose the RAW file. You even do not touch it, even if you edit parameters like exposure, contrast etc. Those parameters only tell Lightroom how to render the RAW file to display and what parameters to apply during export.


            As Akash says, transforming RAWs in JPEG files means exporting them. You can use Export also to create Tiff files or PSD files. JPEG files are fine for you exporting the files for others to view or to transfer them to a print shop or similar. I do not add the JPEGs to my catalog, as I consider them final and I do not want to mix up the exported files with my original RAW ones. When I need variations of a RAW file, I create a "Virtual Copy" and modify the parameters on that "virtual" copy.


            This is step for step how to proceed for exporting:


            (In the library module) select the files you want to export. Selecting works like anywhere in the system.

            Then push the "Export button". You may also use "CTRL-Shift-E" from any module. The export command allows you to enter some parameters and also allows to save your preferences, so that you only need to recall them next time.

            My important parameters are marked in yellow:

            • choose a folder
            • add or add not to catalog (I never add to catalog)
            • image format to JPEG or Tiff etc
            • colour space: for JPEG give-aways I always choose sRGB
            • Limit file size (JPEG parameter): I prefer this one to the quality, as it gives me predictable file sizes. You may also choose the "Quality" parameter and experiment with that. A JPEG file size of 2 Mb is correct.
            • Metadata: choose the metadata you want getting included.

            Save your presets, so that you do not need to configure each time. If the Lightroom presets are OK for you, you can use also those.