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      I had just a terrible experience just now.  I go, and I wanted to purchase an image.  so, on the time of purchase, I went to check the little i for info on the licenses.  I see that the extended license is way too much for me, so i go back and purchased the standard one. 

      Then, after about a minute, i get 2 emails... with TWO purchases.  one for the standard license and the other for the extended. 

      ok so far. I say to myself.. no worries.  Ill call Adobe.  After much looking for a number, it turns out that they only have a chat in place for this.. so, there I am talking to India.  After stating my problem, I get transferred to another person, that tells me that they cannot give me my money back.  They say basically nothing they could do but give me for "free" 8 images standard license for this .   Mind you, they are not free, bc I'm paying for them.  Terrible, terrible customer service.


      Last time I do business with Adobe Stock.  I would do the same if I were you.