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    Importing Video Generic Error

    goingbigger Level 1

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      I am experiencing the same problem with just one file.


      File Type: GoPro MP4


      This is the same format I've been using for a long while and never experiencing this issue.


      The MP4s are saved to a 4tb external hard drive where they're imported using a project's Add Media feature.


      This particular project will import other MP4s with no errors from the same external hard drive. The file in question, plays in media players, I typically use VLC, and appears to have no known errors yet the generic importer error remains.


      It is also a work file so I don't want to have to re-film the video which sometimes has to happen.

      Thanks for the help.


      Steve Grisetti

      Steve Grisetti  (to Toby Barnett) 45 minutes ago

      Yours is not the same situation as the original poster's, going bigger.


      In your case you're likely dealing with a file with a variable frame rate, something you can remedy by converting the file with Handbrake.


      If you'd like to discuss this further, please start a new thread so that your conversation doesn't get confused with smit's.


      There has never been a previous issue with frame rate, regardless of filming in 30fps or 60fps+, so not sure why it would even need to be converted. Never once in the past, been using APE 9, 11,12, now 14, has a MP4 needing anything other than importing.


      Either somehow the file isn't complete (even though it plays fine in VLC) and APE doesn't like it.