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    Print booklet in CMYK always looks bad

    matth86069857 Level 1

      so... if use "export" and convert a RGB image to CMYK using the export settings available it looks fine... but this will create a PDF on 4 pages instead of 2 pages split in half the way I created the layout.


      So if i use print booklet which preserves the split page layout... printing (creating a PDF) works fine if the settings are RGB.. i get two pages split and laid out correctly with appropriate colors.


      now here's where it gets tricky...


      if I use print booklet with CMYK settings the booklet comes out over saturated and pixelated.

      So i must need to convert the images to CMYK and not try to print a booklet with RGB images right... not the case.


      Even when using photoshop to convert to CMYK, even if I leave the image washed out, as converting to CMYK often does, the output from Indesign when using "print booklet" produces a over saturated and pixelated result.   I've even put a image that was RGB next to the same image converted to CMYK and on output they become nearly indistinguishable. So why does export work adequately but not  preserve the layout, and print to booklet preserve the layout but mess up the colors in CMYK?