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    Find/Change 'Change' button grayed out

    spot-on Level 1

      I updated to InD 2015.4 release last week. Since then, Find/Change is misfunctioning: Finding the search string works as one would expect the first time, and the Change button is enabled. I click the Change button to replace the text, then click Find Next. It does find the next instance of the search string, but the Change button remains disabled. I can 're-set' the Change button by clicking in the document text and then returning to the Find dialog and clicking Find Next again, usually takes 2-3 rounds of that and then the Change button miraculously becomes active again. Or I can just keep clicking the Find Next button and after the 3rd or 4th instance of the search term being found, the Change button becomes active again. This has made document-wide Find/Change tasks an absolute nightmare, I frequently work in 300+-page books. 


      Anyone got  the solution?