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    bg image for streaming

    emiejagz Level 1

      Good day,


      Please I would love to put a bgimage on the video player so when stream is loading, the video player wont just show a black page and  a loader.

      I am using the streaming media cordova plugin.


      Here is a part of my code:


        // Just play a video



        // Play a video with callbacks

        var options = {

          successCallback: function() {


          errorCallback: function(errMsg) {



        window.plugins.streamingMedia.playVideo(videoUrl, options);

        x[i].innerHTML = "Tap to Watch";


          x[i].innerHTML = "Tap to Watch";



      return false;




      Secondly please how do i close or stop the player during play on full screen on ios because my controls are not showing.

      Thank you.