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    Indesign spellcheck seems corrupt/empty when using en_GB (English UK) dictionary

    Boss Witch

      Hi All,

      Recently in various (and new) indesign files - all "normal" English words (as well as mis-spelt words) are showing as incorrectly spelt in "Check Spelling" even though I have everything I can think of set to English:UK. I have exported as Indesign Markup files, reset Indesign Prefs, updated to latest version of Indesign.

      My Indesign Prefs are  > Dictionary > English: UK, 

      Style Sheets paragraph styles > Advanced Character Format > English: UK,

      Characters Palette also set to English: Uk.

      Am on Mac OSX 10.9.5, Indesign 2015.4

      It is like there is nothing in the dictionaries (except words I have added at some stage), so all normal words get highlighted. English US sometimes works, in some docs, but can't spot what is common.


      Do I need to replace my UK dictionary? where do I find one & where do I replace it?

      Appreciate any suggestions.