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    after effects error : ct generic: not ascii

    brandonw42459122 Level 1


      first time posting... i just updated after effects to 2015.3 and now anytime i go to open an existing recent project i am met with this dialog box

      (AFTER EFFECTS ERROR: CT GENERIC: not ascii)    (83::2) it never did this prior to the update, and no changes have been made to my computer besides this update. (windows 7 64 bit) now if i create a NEW project, it opens and works just fine, but i can not access any existing projects.


      anyone else run into this? thoughts? advice? HELP PLEASE!!!!!


      thanks in advance



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Apparently they changed ther Unicode-parser for the ump-teenth time and screwed it up again. If you know that your project uses specific fonts and special characters somewhere, the usual steps may help: move files with such names out of the way so they appear offline, remove fonts, change the system language. If possible also try to open the files on another system. As a last resort you can always try and install the older version again...



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            PoMaf Level 1

            just hit me too, in CC2017.1. Something concerning fonts for me. Thankfully I was able to nuke the offending font.


            [Jeez Adobe - get your act together. CC2017 so far has been an unmitigated disaster. I can now reliably crash or find workflow-breaking bugs/glitches in After Effects, Premiere Pro, and InDesign within minutes of opening the programs and using nothing but the built-in tools. No scripts, plugins... just vanilla program and *crash*. Mind you, CC2015.3 was as rock-solid as I could ever wish for, excepting when I had to use spotty plugins or unreliable codecs and those issues obviously couldn't be blamed on the program. Now, It's more important than ever to ensure your Autosave is set to no more than 5 minutes. And save out every so often because I've had some bugs somehow wipe out my autosaves, if that's possible? fixthis)