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    Adobe Digital Edition 4.5.1 not opening when e-reader connected to computer


      Prior to 19 June 2016 (when our graphics card ceased to work) I was able to transfer books to my Kobo Aura H20. The card was replaced 23rd June. Around 26th or 27th June when I tried to open Adobe Digital Editions with my e-reader connected to the computer, it would not open - just hang there. I used Windows Task Mangager to end task after a considerable time (over 5 minutes). It still opens with no e-reader connected to the computer. Operating system Windows 10 Home 64-bit. I am still able to open new acquisitions in ADE but because of the problem above I am unable to transfer them to my e-reader which is at about five eighths capacity. Would the fact that I have just over 2,030 items be a factor? Previously on the last transfer there were just under 2,000 items (approximately 1,990 items) in total. Can anyone help? Is there an upgrade available?

      August 2016 - Still not able to open any version of the app ( 2, 3 or 4 ) when reader connected to computer. Books are in EPUB format purchased from the publisher. Your product is not doing what it says it will do!!  I Would like to be able to read my purchases on the e-reader, not sit at the computer to read them.


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