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    So i was testing After Effects


      I downloaded the Trial of After effects and finally i think i was a beta tester.

      So lets begin with the Bugs of several hours of testing


      1) If you change the language to german most Script files wont work if the script is including "color", because in German After Effects is displaying "Farbe" and this will break all scripts (wtf..)

      2) If you change the app Language inside the cloud from German to English.. nothing.. really nothing happens this button seems to have no function, also reinstalling doesent change anything

      3) Red Frame Bug (yes nice first experience)

      4) There is no easy to reach option to reset your windows or settings if you mess things up as a noobie like me

      5) Sometimes if a rendering is finished and i try to close after effects it yust hangs up including my windows, if i kill the process and also need to kill the runtime broker i can't view videos (mp4 and so on) without heavy laggs. Yust a restart of (in my case windows 10) Windows will help to get it fixed.

      6) I googled my way to fix the language,- but i can't read the forums because adobe first forced me to register here several times (again annoying as hell)

      7) I added the textfile to force english into documents, but soon After effects tought it might be better to remove that file (again wtf..)


      WoW and as totally noob this software is complicated as hell.So that were my first hours with after effects, maybe i will go on and test a bit more.