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    Demo applications to Demo DBs?

    Freddy Hajas

      Hello, I just installed CF2016 Developer to make a test application and found that come with few Demo Databases to work with but I didn't found demo templates which uses these DBs... where can I get them?


      I didn't installed the Builder yet because the license is only for 30 days, and I will only have enough time to work on it in few weeks, but I would love to put something to run to make sure all the installation is ok and start to getting used to the new CF.


      I worked for 10 years with CF but I didn't touch anything since 2008, and really would like to comeback to CF and learn all the new stuff released on the last 10 years. I'm working with C/C#/C++ in the last decade so I need to re-learn lots of stuff.


      I need help to setup the enviroment and make it run, then I can move foward easily I think... with a simple demo application working will help me a lot.


      thank you!