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    XML  node access by name problem

      Hi everybody, I'm having a problem with XML. I need anybody that tell me why is
      it not working, please.

      In this picture:

      There's a debugging session where the error can be shown. You'll see in the
      Expressions window, the XML var highlighted and at the right of it the value of
      it, which is a valid XML structure. With this value expanded the two child nodes
      can be seen.
      I need to get to the value of the node called "service" which is an immediate
      child of the root node.
      Right below this expression, there are two more expressions, one which works but
      it's no good for coding and the second one which should works (as the docs say
      it should) but is, actually, not working. The debugger is raising an error and
      I'm not getting the data.

      Can anybody tell me what's wrong with this?

      Thanx a lot in advance.