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    I edit images, then LR changes them to some preset while I work another image


      I can't work like this.  I do an edit to an image.  It looks great.  I move on to the next image and suddenly, the image I just edited changes.  It seems that some auto adjustment is applied.  I go back to the first image in the set.  Same thing.  Before long, all images have this adjustment applied.  I go back to the first image.  Apply preset "Zeroed".  Highlight it and all the images that follow.  Sync settings.  Un-highlight, re-edit first image, second image, etc...then I see the image I just edited...not highlighted or anything, revert back to messed up.  The image to the right changes also.  Then the whole set changes.  WTF?!

      In preferences I have "Apply Auto Adjustments" unchecked. 

      I swear to god I am getting Capture One at this rate, before the day is over.