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    14.1 update error: U44M1I210


      I get the notification to update Premiere Elements to 14.1 but when I start the upgrade it throws an error: U44M1I210 at 2% when downloading. It does this through both Premiere and the Update Manager. Using Win 7 64-bit.


      UPDATE: Guess I should have searched harder on the forums. I found this post, the last one fixed my problem: Updater Error : U44M1I210


      Essentially, I went to C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Adobe\AAMUpdater\1.0\Install and deleted everything in that folder. Apparently this is where the update archive is stored and Adobe updater can't overwrite the archive, so if it is damaged, the update will fail because the archive exists, but it damaged and won't work. After clearing that folder I initiated the update through the help menu and it worked.