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    Flash Player update installer does not launch


      i have two PC's running Windows XP SP2.  i can download the update installers for Adobe Flash Player but when i click on them they do not launch (i think i have version 21 of Flash Player installed).  they do absolutely nothing.  they launch properly on two other PC's with the same OS.  the installers will not launch even with a clean install of the OS. any help will be appreciated, thanks!

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          georges53945005 Level 1

          thanks for the link but as the original poster mentioned, the downloader launches on systems with 32 bit versions of XP.  all my machines are 32 bit and the app doesnt launch on 2 of 4 machines.

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            georges53945005 Level 1

            i installed service pack 3 for windows XP home, 32 bit and downloaded a fresh flash player download manager.  when i click on it, it launches then give me an error message:  "download manager has encountered a problem and needs to close."  my Avast Antivirus is shut down when i try to install.  i noticed that if i obtain earlier versions of the app that has the MSI installer (the icon with the PC and CD in it) those will install and allow regular updates until the application itself needs updating and i have to get a new download manager.  i have tried three different OS's on the PC, XP Home, XP Pro and even Windows 7 all with the same result, flashplayer download manager wont launch.  i give up!!

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              bhaskarsp Adobe Employee

              Hello George


              I'll need to review the install log files to troubleshoot the error.  Please upload the following files to cloud.acrobat.com/send using the instructions at How to share a document .


              FlashInstall.log files saved at:

              • 32 Bit Windows:
                • C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\FlashInstall.log
              • 64 Bit Windows:
                • C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\FlashInstall.log
                • C:\Windows\syswow64\Macromed\Flash\FlashInstall.log

              Adobe_ADM.log and Adobe_GDE.log saved at:

              • C:\Documents and Settings\<YourUserID>\Local Settings\Temp\Adobe_ADMLogs


              Post the link to the uploaded files in your reply.


              Thank you.

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                georges53945005 Level 1

                here is the link to the flash file you requested.  there is no Adobe ADM file in Local Settings/Temp, only an installer/uninstaller.


                Shared Files - Acrobat.com

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                  ridhijain Adobe Employee



                  According to the logs you have shared a successful update has taken place on the machine and you have the most latest Flash Player( that is available.

                  Could you please check if you have shared the logs for the correct machine.



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                    georges53945005 Level 1

                    yes that is the file from the PC that i am having trouble with.  i dont understand how it can have the latest version installed since it either would not launch or would give me the message that it encountered a problem and needed to close without anything else downloading before it did so (i do see the word "error" on the date i tried installing).  i will wait and see if i get messages from Firefox that flashplayer is out of date and gives me the option to allow the old version to run, then let you know.

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                      I still have the same problem. I am currently running Flash Player 20.x on Windows XP with Firefox. It constantly tells me the current version is not secure and I should install 22.x. I am running Windows XP 32-bit SP3. I can download the Ver 22 file but when I try anything to run it (double-click on file name, "run as" , Open, etc) none of therm do anything. No obvious drive action, no errors, no popup windows. Almost as if it wasn't even an executable. Log file shows nothing at all new, and the file modification date is not even updated to today's date.

                        I tried their recommended uninstall old, install new, reboot, etc. Same result, except then I had no old version either. I finally tracked down their old version of Ver20.x and it re-installed like a charm in minutes with no errors. There is definitely something obviously wrong with the new 22.x install. Guess I'll need to wait until Ver 23+ and see if they fix it by then.

                        I did find some entries in the log from a while back when I first tried to do the 22 install, But no apparent errors.

                      The last two lines read:

                      0038 [W] 00001015 C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\FlashUtil32_21_0_0_242_Plugin.exe 5

                      0039 [I] 00000012