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    Jittery text tracking


      Hello all!


      So I have this piece of footage that I'm trying to add tracking text to. It's a pan across the top tube of a bicycle. The footage is by no means perfectly smooth but it's not bad at all, i cleaned it up with Warp Stabilizer too.

      Then as I've seen in many tutorials, I made a new null, tracked my motion, picked my target, pressed play and applied the effect. I made my text and i parented it to the null. The problem is that after i do all that, the text is still super jittery. I even tried to zoom in and try to make the key frames as straight as possible but it's still far from perfect.

      What am i missing here? How can I make my text tracking as perfect as possible? I've seen it done with shakier footage before so i know it can be done with mine.


      I'm working on AE CC 2015


      Thank you!