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    would Animate be the best choice for 8 and 16 second animated digital wall board ads?


      Hello,  I am looking for some advice about which application would be best suited for 8 and 16 second animated digital wall board ads?  I need to combine animated and/or video backgrounds with custom graphics, photos, video and text content and be able to animate these objects and create smooth transitions as well.  I am feeling like Animate would be best but maybe primiere or after effects would work and/or be better?  Or maybe I should be using all 3!  But mainly I am looking for the easiest and quickest way to pump these ads out and balance that with control.  The final output needs to be a 1280 px h x 800 px w  (isnt 1280x720 the standard HD video size?)  and be a MP4 or Quicktime video.


      Thank you for your help to anyone who can give me some insight and/or advice.


      I am fairly proficient in Photoshop and get around pretty well in illustrator and indesign.