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    CCPP + Stock subscription credits

    boomerek Level 1



      In December when I decided to keep paying for CCPP + Stock subscription (because of free month trial that I missed to cancel in time by hours...) I was assured that if I'll stay for a year then unused credits will still be available to me after subscription ends. I knew I won't be able to use 95% of those credits through the year but since I was told I could keep them for the future I've decided to keep the subscription active. It made more sense as I was also told that if I cancel I would have to pay 50% of subscription price for the whole year anyway.


      Now my friend is arguing with me, telling that he is sure that credits will expire at the end of my billing period. So once my subscription will end the credits will be gone and that I was told what I wanted to hear just to keep me paying 50euro/month for a whole year and then I'll lose credits anyway..


      Could someone from Adobe check this for me because this is very unsettling as I would be terribly ripped off. I know what I was told when I decided to keep it.

      I felt forced to this subscription to begin with as I missed to cancel free trial by hours and was told that I would have to pay hundreds euro to get out.. so I decided to stay based on info that appear to be a lie.. 


      regarding support cases: 0217205997, 0217205594




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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          No, you don not retain your credits. You are paying for a subscription that includes credits. Once you no longer have your subscription you lose the credits. Think of it like a cable TV ... you pay your monthly subscription but you don't get to watch the programs you missed after no longer paying.


          From the FAQ:

          No. You can use your available licenses as long as your membership is active, but you forfeit any unused licenses upon cancellation of your membership.

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            boomerek Level 1

            Thanks for reply but I would like to hear from Adobe representative why customer service told me it's otherwise.

            They can open the cases I listed above and see for themselves that I was assured I'll be able to keep the credit. It was the only reason why I keep paying this subscription..

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              Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The info I have provided to you is correct.


              I will pass it on to the powers in charge and they will follow up with those support people. You aren't the first to get wrong information from Adobe Support lines for Stock.