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    How to insert circle text in Indesign?

    Mohammad Modassir Level 1


      Is it possible to write text as a circular periphery? i.e circle-text?


      I have a logo which has the shape of a circle, it is not created using Indesign, so I dont know what to do.

      I dont want to change the picture, I only want to replace the text which goes around the circle/circular periphery of that logo.


      So I need to delete that text and replace it by another using Indesign – is this possible to do? How?


      Do I need to use some kind of eraser in Indesign and delete the text which goes around the circular periphery of that circle-logo and then create a new circle-text frame? How do I do that?


      Would be grateful to finally sort this out.


      Kind, Modassir