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    How to extend my project?


      Hello everyone,



      I'm new to After Effects.

      I would like to make a countdown timer to use in live streams on YouTube.

      The countdown timer have to count down from 15 minutes to 0 minutes.

      But because I have downloaded the project from a site and edit it by myself,

      there must be something set up that I do not understand.

      I can't extend the composition layers to 15 minuten

      I've tried everything, can someone take look at the project and customize it for me or explain to me what i did wrong??



      Here is te link to download my project: http://noodcommunity.weebly.com/issues.html

      If you had the solution, can you send it to my mail? [personal information removed by moderator]

      Or if you can explain what i did wrong, you can put it in the comments here below.



      (P.S.) Sorry if my English isn't correct, I'm Dutch.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You probably have no understanding of the expressions used in teh project plus they may need to be edited to accomodate the long duration. That and of course you will have to extend all pre-comps involved just as well. I can only deduct this from the project name. I'm not gonna download it since I don't even know what version of AE it's for. It would be more useful if you provided a link to the original source where you got it yourself.