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    Premiere Elements 13.1 crashes when trying to publish to social media sites


      This function used to work in Elements 9, now it does not.  Adobe are not interested in speaking to me directly about the issue despite it being the first time I have tried using this function in Prem Elements 13.  Have browsed various responses to similar issues - no apparent solution from Adobe other than to pay more money for more unknown failures.


      Have uninstalled, ccleaned the registry, reinstalled and updated Premiere Elements to 13.1.  Running Win 10 64-bit system.  Didn't work on Win 7 64-bit either.  Have deauthorised Adobe from facebook and reauthorised from Elements Organiser.  Photos can be uploaded to facebook, video projects just crash out.  "Adobe Premiere Elements 13 has stopped working.  A problem caused the program to stop working correctly...)


      Only reply if you are able to add something new to what is descirbed above and do not fill this thread with time-wasting guesses.  I want a fix Adobe, now.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The challenge is that the problem probably doesn't lie with Adobe (who is unlikely to fix an older version of the program regardless). The problem lies with sites like YouTube who are always switching around the protocol so that programs that used to be able to interface with their site no longer can. (I assume you've tried going to the program's preferences and updating the web services.)


          Meantime, the easiest solution is to simply output your video using Publish & Share/Computer/AVCHD with the YouTube HD preset. This will produce a quality MP4 that you can then upload to Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook through your web browser.

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            michaelw59311023 Level 1

            Actually Steve, I believe it does.  When Adobe chat reps can't even be bothered to look into the issue after wasting 10 mins of my time because I bought 13 instead of 14 and now have need of the publish to social media function... it is Adobe's problem.  It's also their problem that the program crashes without returning you to your point in the workflow.


            Yes I've updated web services - thank you for suggesting.


            It is an issue with Premiere Elements, Elements Organiser has no issues with uploading photos.


            I appreciate your work around but it is just that, a work around and not a solution.  The solution is Adobe bothering to find out what the issue is and provide a fix, that's why they get paid the big bucks.  So I've paid for a function I can't use.  Unfortunately, methinks The Brick Wall looms large ahead...


            In any case, Steve, thanks for your response.