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    Firefox 47.0 and FP 22 NPAPI


      I just updated my fp today. What a mistake.  Now even if I go to your site or anything with Flash it gets stuck.  It times out and gives me the dialog that the plug-in is unresponsive.  The problem is also too that it doesn't show long enough to check the box for Stop Asking Me and not even long enough to tell it to stop or continue.  It keeps cycling.  It repeats over and over and you can't stop it.   I end up having to pull up task manager and killing Firefox.


      I removed or disabled everything in Firefox but what is needed and FP.  Right now I'd settle for a previous version.  I pretty much have to load a different browser to do anything. I tried removing and reinstalling the FlashPlayer and still nothing.  My only option at this point is remove it to get anything done.