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    oauth verify


      I just need a way to pass oauth so I can start using EchoSignDocumentService22 and I already downloaded the sample SDK codes and register development account.


      Below is my keys:

      Client ID: CBJCHBCAABAAOUs7-k17zjz2gxIDjq-bWg-yPMUrKIhx

      Client Secret: RR9Wca4jbTx9udMbv5dSRhiqdH0Zr6R5


      And I use below url to test

      <a href="https://secure.na1.echosign.com/public/oauthredirect_uri=https://secure.na1.echosign.com/p ublic/oauthDemo&response_type=code&client_id=CBJCHBCAABAOUs7-k17zjz2gxIDjq-bWg-yPMUrKIhx&s cope=agreement_send">testing</a>


      And I get error below:


      Unable to authorize access because the client configuration is invalid: invalid_request