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    Develop module not displaying image correctly. Showing it in high contrast colors.

    lokeshr283012 Level 1

      I am not sure how to fix this problem. I m trying to edit a photo in light room and photoshop and i am facing this strange issue. In lightroom when i load photo it looks good in library module as below.


      Lightroom issue - Library Module - Looks good.jpg


      When i switch to Develop module i see the image as below. This is so annoying and i could not fix the problem. I am sure i might have selected some option but i could not reset it back because i do not know which option i have selected before. I tried by removing my lightroom preferences folder thought that may fix the problem however that did not solve the problem. I will appreciate if some one can guide how to solve the problem. I am having lot of trouble in fixing this problem.


      Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - Develop - Issue with Pic.jpg