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    Referencing HTML page from within a movie clip


      Hope someone can help with this.

      I have a simple horizontal scrolling gallery of 24 thumbnails in Flash, the thumbnail images are loaded into the boxes using actionscript. I would like each thumbnail to link to a html page of my choice. There is a movie clip instance called panel with the 24 buttons inside it and on the first button as a test I've placed the following action script:

      on (release) {

      When testing this movie from within Flash (CTRL, ENT) the button links to the html file (which is in the same folder as the SWF) with no problem. The problem is when I preview the page in a browser and try to click on the first button nothing is happening. I've tried it in both IE7 and Firefox with the same result.

      The flash thumbnail clip is placed as a flash object into a html page using dreamweaver.

      I'm sure this is something simple such as navigating the timeline but I've tried a few things like _root. but still no joy.

      Hope someone can help.

      Thanks, Jo